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2 Doktoravhandlinger ved Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge [255]
3 Masteroppgaver [3925]
4 Studentarbeider av lavere grad [223]
5 Forskningssentrene [774]
6 Skriftserier [427]
  • Uncovering Greenwashing Practices within the Maritime Sector 

    Andersen, Adrian Fjærestrand (Master thesis, 2024)
    Sustainability has emerged as an important consideration in maritime operations. Heightened awareness of climate change is one factor behind the maritime industry´s quest to reduce its environmental footprint. However, ...
  • Norwegian Vision in Stroke (NorVIS) Network: Årsrapport 2023 

    Falkenberg, Helle Kristine; Mathisen, Torgeir Solberg (Skriftserien fra Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge;149, Report, 2024)
    Denne rapporten oppsummerer aktiviteten i Norwegian Vision in Stroke (NorVIS) nettverket i 2023. Gjennom året har nettverket styrket sin posisjon som en unik tverrfaglig arena for samarbeid om å sette fokus på at syn og ...
  • Computer vision-guided autonomous grasping system using Leo Rover with robotic arm 

    Ali, Nasir (Master thesis, 2024)
    The master’s thesis project explores Leo Rover, equipped with a Lidar sensor, stereo camera, and robotic arm, available at University of South-Easten Norway. Leo Rover is a semi-autonomous mobile robot used for research ...
  • Master's Thesis 

    Farzadian, Mohammad (Master thesis, 2024)
    In the opening of this thesis, titled " How sensitive is race time to body weight? A Comprehensive Study," a thorough exploration has been undertaken to unravel the true role and significance of weight on skiers competing ...
  • Data driven Approaches for Pump Condition Monitoring and Curves Estimation 

    Sjølyst, Kristian Sande (Master thesis, 2024)
    The H-Q curve serves as a critical parameter in pump operation and design selection for a given system. However, it is important to recognize that changes over time, such as wear and tear on the pump, pipes, and fittings, ...

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