Recent Submissions

  • Manufacturing analysis and data acquisition in advanced machining 

    Guldbjørnsen, Kjell Arne Stølen (Master thesis, 2021)
    To cut cost of maintenance, being able to stop the machines at the right time before fault and the possibility to implement zero defect manufacturing is an important part of manufacturing aeroplane engine parts. The purpose ...
  • The development of a metering reporting system 

    Hestnes, Erlend Håland (Master thesis, 2021)
    The current Metering Reports application at Ineos Rafnes and Inovyn will be outdated when Microsoft ends internet explorer support. No commercially available off-the-shelf product seems to be available for a new Metering ...
  • General Approaches for 3D Point-Cloud Evaluation, Classification and Material Thickness 

    Austefjord, Ruben (Master thesis, 2021)
    Analysis of geometric point cloud measurements pose very difficult challenges if removed from prior knowledge regarding the measurement process or measured object. The goal is to investigate how collections of 3D coordinates ...