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  • Model Predictive Control for Energy Systems under Uncertainty 

    Jeong, Changhun (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;201, Doctoral thesis, 2024-06-12)
  • Improved Multiphase Flow Performance Using AICV and its Potential Impact on Reservoir Recovery 

    Hosnaroudi, Soheila Taghavi (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;198, Doctoral thesis, 2024-06-14)
    The global energy demand is growing, and oil and gas supply and consumption will evolve in the coming years. It is important to maintain the current oil production to meet the global energy demand. A major challenge in oil ...
  • Pushing Technology Boundaries: Monitoring and Optimization of Carbon Capture Solvents 

    Wagaarachchige, Jayangi Dinesha (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;196, Doctoral thesis, 2024-05-29)
    The central idea of the dissertation is to provide insight into options to reducing the cost of amine-based PCC technology. Solvent management and high energy demand are two of the challenges that have increased the ...
  • Estimation of the energy-mix proportion for the secure operation of converter dominated power system 

    Shrestha, Ashish (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;186, Doctoral thesis, 2024-04-18)
    The modern power system has undergone significant transformations driven by the necessary for environmental sustainability, technological progress, and evolving energy demands. A notable distinction between the modern power ...
  • Real-time Optimization and Control for Oil Production under Uncertainty 

    Janatian, Nima (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;179, Doctoral thesis, 2024-02-02)
    The practical use of model-based optimization depends significantly on the accuracy of the model in use. This is because the presence of uncertainty can introduce a mismatch between the model and the real plant, which may ...
  • Accidental release of liquid CO₂ from transport and storage 

    Ibrahim, Osama Kabbashi M. (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;174, Doctoral thesis, 2023-11-09)
    An unintended release of liquid CO2 during transport by tanks or pipelines could result in instantaneous depressurization and rapid phase transition with explosive evaporation. Under certain conditions, it could lead to a ...
  • Modelling Tool for Hydropower Systems, with Analysis and Design 

    Pandey, Madhusudhan (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;173, Doctoral thesis, 2023-10-19)
    The increased use of renewable energy sources is due to an increasing global energy need, and to counter the effects of fossil fuels on the environment. Common renewable energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy ...
  • CO2 capture through electrified calcination in cement clinker production 

    Jacob, Ron M. (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;170, Doctoral thesis, 2023-08-31)
    The cement industry has the second highest share of industrial CO2 emissions, and two-thirds of these emissions come from decomposing its key ingredient by the calcination reaction (CaCO3 → CaO + CO2). This thesis studied ...
  • Characterization of the Spray for Twin-Fluid Atomizer for Inert Gas Generator 

    Sikka, Raghav (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;145, Doctoral thesis, 2022-12-12)
    In this era, the world is still hinged upon fossil fuels for energy production & power generation. However, stringent regulations are imposed upon industries by regulatory bodies. The highly efficient combustor systems are ...
  • Cost estimation methods for CO2 capture processes 

    Aromada, Solomon Aforkoghene (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;140, Doctoral thesis, 2022-10-12)
    Cost engineering and economic assessment play a crucial role in evaluation of CO2 capture technologies and energy systems. Cost is one of the key decisive factors when considering industrial deployment of a technology. ...
  • Syngas Fermentation and Microbial Electrosynthesis Process Integration to Advance Biogas Production 

    Sivalingam, Vasan (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;131, Doctoral thesis, 2022-09-09)
    Norway is implementing several CO2 emissions control measures to become a low-emission society by 2050. As a part of this great vision, it strives to be the first nation to end the sales of fossil-fuelled vehicles by 2025. ...
  • Hydrogen safety in confined spaces 

    Lach, Agnieszka Weronika (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;130, Doctoral thesis, 2022-09-02)
    Unwanted hydrogen releases in confined spaces can be significantly more dangerous compared to open-air scenarios. The transmission towards a zero-emission system results in a growth of hydrogen-driven vehicles which increases ...
  • Capabilities of anaerobic granular sludge bed process for the treatment of particle-rich substrates 

    Tassew, Fasil Ayelegn (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;56, Doctoral thesis, 2020-01-17)
    High-rate anaerobic reactors have qualities that make them more attractive for anaerobic digestion of organic substrates compared to traditional reactors such as Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR). These qualities ...
  • State Estimation and Optimal Control of an Industrial Copper Electrowinning 

    Perera, Magamage Anushka Sampath (Doctoral dissertations at the University College of Southeast Norway;6, Doctoral thesis, 2016)
    This dissertation contains a solution for an industrial large-scale complex control problem. There are several challenges to be faced when handling control problems. One such challenge is to be able to handle the system’s ...
  • Modelling of ash melts in gasification of biomass 

    Furuvik, Nora Cecilie Ivarsdatter Skau (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;120, Doctoral thesis, 2022-03-04)
    The need for advanced biofuels produced from sustainable sources is stressed, both on national and international level due to a global agreement to limit the Earth’s global warming. The major goals in the Norwegian agreement ...
  • Modelling and simulations of bubbling fluidized bed and entrained flow biomass gasification reactors 

    Timsina, Ramesh (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;118, Doctoral thesis, 2022-02-24)
    The world needs sustainable energy solutions to replace fossil fuels. Climate change is the defining challenge of our time. New reports from the International Energy Agency (IEA, 2021)1 have developed a roadmap for max ...
  • A study of premixed combustion of gas vented from failed Li-ion batteries 

    Henriksen, Mathias (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;109, Doctoral thesis, 2021-11-25)
    As the world moves towards more clean and suitable energy sources such as wind and solar, there is an increasing demand for energy storage systems. Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are today the leading electrical energy storage ...
  • Dynamics and Control for Efficient Fertilizer Processes 

    Vesjolaja, Ludmila (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;105, Doctoral thesis, 2021-10-11)
    Granulation processes have been a subject of research for more than 60 years. During these years of research, there has been a significant improvement in qualitative and quantitative knowledge of the granulation processes, ...
  • Intelligent frequency control for the secure operation of modern power system 

    Acosta Montalvo, Martha Nohemi (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;103, Doctoral thesis, 2021-09-23)
    The modern power system is experiencing several changes to meet the objective to become in a zero CO2 emissions industry. The principal changes are the high penetration of renewable energy sources (RESs) into the power ...
  • The rapid depressurization and evaporation of liquified carbon dioxide 

    Tøsse, Sindre (Doctoral dissertations at the University College of Southeast Norway;20, Doctoral thesis, 2017-06-22)

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