Recent Submissions

  • Analyse av en Ultralyd Transduser med et Laser Doppler Vibrometer 

    Nilsen, Mikael Isak (Master thesis, 2021)
    Ultrasonic transducers are an integral part of underwater imaging, with a wide range of applications. In this thesis, analysis of a underwater echo sounder transducer operating at 200kHz is done underwater with a Laser ...
  • Pressure Sensor for Civil Aviation 

    Preststulen, Magne Lund (Master thesis, 2021)
    Memscap AS have experienced an increased demand for cost-effective sensor solutions. Smaller civil aircraft do not necessarily need the high-end performance offered by Memscap’s higher-end sensors. Making a new sensor ...
  • Lightweight Hybrid Packages for Space Electronics 

    Nordskov, Alexander (Master thesis, 2021)
    A new lightweight package material for Radio Frequency (RF) hybrid circuits were investigated to complement the currently used FeNiCo (kovar) package material. Kovar is extensively used as a package material for hybrids ...