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    • The development of a miniaturized hydration sensor based on the principle of osmotic pressure 

      Fernandes, Louis André Lourenço (Doctoral dissertations at the University College of Southeast Norway;9, Doctoral thesis, 2017)
      The thesis presents a novel hydration sensor that employs osmotic pressure to detectde‐ and overhydration in body fluids. This sensor could be used to measure different levels of hydration in an organism, e.g. the human ...
    • Therapeutic dual-frequency ultrasound transducers 

      Andersen, Kenneth Kirkeng (Doctoral thesis, 2020)
      The interaction of ultrasound with organic and non-organic matter has opened up for a vast industry. Arguably, in medicine, the most known application of ultrasound is diagnostic imaging of fetuses. However, ultrasound can ...
    • Visible light responsive titanium-oxides for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting application 

      Cheng, Chaoqun (Doctoral dissertations at the University of South-Eastern Norway;134, Doctoral thesis, 2022)
      Semiconductor-based photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting under sunlight has the potential to produce sustainable hydrogen at a low cost and on a large scale. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is extensively studied as one of ...