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2 Doktoravhandlinger ved Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge [151]
3 Masteroppgaver [2003]
4 Studentarbeider av lavere grad [184]
5 Forskningssentrene [771]
6 Skriftserier [355]
  • Bipolar photodiode module operated at 4 K 

    Bardalen, Eivind; Nissilä, Jaani; Fordell, Thomas; Karlsen, Bjørnar; Kieler, Oliver; Øhlckers, Per (Chapter, 2020)
    An optoelectronic module for generating high frequency bipolar current pulses at 4 K was developed. Bipolar signals are generated by connecting a pair of photodiodes in series to coplanar waveguides on silicon. The ...
  • Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of a structured visual assessment after stroke in municipal health care services 

    Mathisen, Torgeir Solberg; Eilertsen, Grethe; Ormstad, Heidi; Falkenberg, Helle Kristine (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Background: Stroke is a leading cause of disability worldwide. Visual impairments (VIs) affect 60% of stroke survivors, and have negative consequences for rehabilitation and post-stroke life. VIs after stroke are often ...
  • Two-Level Optimisation and Control Strategy for Unbalanced Active Distribution Systems Management 

    Gonzalez-Longatt, Francisco; Alvarado-Barrios, Lazaro; Alvarez-Arrollo, Cesar; Escaño, Juan Manuel; Martinez-Ramos, Jose Luis (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    This article proposes a new approach to the operation of unbalanced Active Distribution Systems (ADS) using an economic dispatch optimisation model for Active Distribution Systems Management (ADSM). The model proposes a ...
  • Educating the energy informatics specialist: opportunities and challenges in light of research and industrial trends 

    Bordin, Chiara; Mishra, Sambeet; Safari, Amir; Eliassen, Frank (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Contemporary energy research is becoming more interdisciplinary through the involvement of technical, economic, and social aspects that must be addressed simultaneously. Within such interdisciplinary energy research, the ...
  • Psykisk helsefremmende barnehager 

    Teisbekk, Elin Tårnesvik (Master thesis, 2021)
    Bakgrunnen for denne studien er et forskningsprosjekt gjennomført av Styd (Stolt og ydmyk) kommunikasjon i 2017 -2020. Forskningsprosjektet «Psykisk helsefremmende mennesker og miljøer- opplevelse av sammenheng» er et ...

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